Yamanashi Kyoto Management’s investment philosophy is built upon the belief that no matter the economic cycle, proactive portfolio management is key. This means that our managers, as much as they can, anticipate the events that will affect their portfolios and act accordingly.

We have always believed in a long-term investment approach, we forego regional and stylistic biases and do not judge our performance on short-term benchmarking.

We react to opportunities as they develop in the market, positioning your portfolio to achieve your long term goals while respecting your appetite for risk.

There are three different types of portfolio management available to clients of Yamanashi Kyoto Management: advisory management, discretionary management, and execution only.

Portfolio Management Meeting - Yamanashi Kyoto Management

Advisory Management


If you are looking to keep control over your assets and the decision-making process, while still receiving expert advice and support from Yamanashi Kyoto Management, then we recommend our Advisory Management solution.

You retain complete control over all your investments decisions, but those decisions are informed by your wealth manager and all of our supporting investment professionals, including traders, analysts, and legal experts. You decide on your investments, but you can do so with the expert advice and recommendations that you know you can trust.

Discretionary Management


If you feel that you do not have the time, or the requisite knowledge, to accurately and efficiently manage your wealth, then you can delegate that responsibility to Yamanashi Kyoto Management.

As a part of this process, we gain an in-depth understanding of what your short and long-term objectives are, how much risk you are comfortable with and any other constraints you wish to place (such as not investing in tobacco companies for instance). Your wealth manager will then devise an investment strategy, asset allocation mix and will select the appropriate securities to meet those requirements.

Naturally, as a part of this process, you will be regularly updated by your wealth manager on your portfolio’s composition and performance.

Execution Only


If you wish to have a completely autonomous asset management solution, then you can opt for our execution-only service. You will be able to benefit from Yamanashi Kyoto Management execution platforms and trading expertise. You will still have access to Yamanashi Kyoto Management research and analysis. However, you will not receive recommendations based on your goals and risk appetite.